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In the News: Community Contributions

“Just as the name implies, the InCommon Catalyst Program, now completing its second year, was launched to bring added energy and expertise to the community’s identity and access management (IAM) efforts.”

InCommon Catalyst Logo

SCG is proud to be a member of the InCommon Catalyst Program, and is recognized for several of our community contributions in a recent article published on the InCommon website. We have been working hard during the past year to strengthen our contributions as COmanage Project Stewards, including:

  • launching the 1.0.0 version of Match,
  • establishing the base for building the next generation of Registry, and
  • building our programs to support for the COmanage user community.

Our community contributions are also found in the volunteer work from SCG Collaboration Group Members through significant participation in InCommon and Internet2 advisory committees and working groups.

We are thankful for the recognition of these contributions, and are looking for another full year for community collaborations in 2023!

In the News: InCommon Catalysts Bring Energy and Expertise to Community Conversations